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VSOP41   V.S.O.P. #41
MODE 101

w/Stan Levey (drums), Richie Kamuca (tenor), Conte Candoli (trumpet), Lou Levy (piano), Monty Budwig (bass).


  • Stan Still (Richie Kamuca)
  • What Can I Say (Donaldson, Lyman)
  • Lover Come Back To Me (Romberg, Hammerstein)
  • Ole Man Rebop (Floyd Wilson)
  • Old Folks (Robson, Hill)
  • One For Joan (Richie Kamuca)





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Recorded June 1957, Radio Recorders, Hollywood, CA. Engineer: Bones Howe. Producer: Red Clyde.

Stan Levey was a very active member of the roster of artists who recorded for Mode Records. This is not surprising as he was a close friend of Red Clyde's and introduced Red to many of the musicians that were featured on Mode and on the Bethlehem West Coast dates. His Mode quintet session, one of the earliest recorded by Red Clyde for Mode, is one of the very few dates Stan recorded as leader, and features very fine solos particularly by Kamuca and Lou Levy.