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VSOP27   V.S.O.P. #27
Tampa 23

Marty Paich (piano); Joe Mondragon (bass); Larry Bunker (drums, vibes); Howard Roberts (guitar)


  • Dool's Blues (Marty Paich)
  • Jump For Me (Count Basie)
  • There'll Never Be Another You (Jacobs, Tinturin)
  • The Lamp Is Low (Derose, Shefter, Parish)
  • What's New (Haggart, Burke)
  • Theme From Lighthouse (Marty Paich)
  • Lullaby Of The Leaves (Young, Petkere)
  • I'll Remember April (Raye, Depaul, Johnson)


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Recorded in 1956 at Radio Recorders, Hollywood, CA. Producer: Robert Scherman; Engineer: Val Valentin. Liner Notes: Robert Scherman; Cover Design: Johnny Miller Liner Photos: Stan Levey.

Marty Paich's recording on Tampa from 1956, originally titled "Hot Piano", but later released as "JAZZ FOR RELAXATION". We selected the JAZZ FOR RELAXATION version for it's period cover. This excellent recording was produced by Bob Scherman and engineered by Val Valentin. Marty Paich is joined by Joe Mondragon on bass and Larry Bunker on vibes and drums, with the addition of unknown drums and guitar on several tracks. This is one of the few very desirable recordings by Marty Paich in a small group setting.