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VSOP108   V.S.O.P. #108

Bill Harris (trombone), Terry Gibbs (vibes), Lou Levy (piano), Red Mitchell (bass), Stan Levey (drums).


  • Apple Honey (Woody Herman)
  • Everywhere (Bill Harris)
  • Your Father's Moustache (Harris, Herman)
  • Laura (Mercer, Raskin)
  • Woodchopper's Ball (Herman, Bishop)
  • Lemon Drop (George Wallington)
  • Early Autumn (Ralph Burns)
  • Blue Flame (Bishop, Corday, Noble)


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Recorded September, 1957, Hollywood, CA at Radio Recorders.
Producer: Red Clyde.
Recording Engineer: Bones Howe.
Liner Notes: Joe Quinn.
Cover Design: William Box.

The great trombonist, Bill Harris is the featured artist on the session, but Terry Gibbs, Lou Levy, Red Mitchell and Stan Levey contribute mightily. There are no slackers here. This album features several of the many tunes which Woody's band made famous, from "Apple Honey" and "Woodchopper's Ball", to "Lemon Drop", "Early Autumn" and "Blue Flame", re-arranged for a quintet that swings like a much larger and more modern ensemble. The Harris solos are like all Bill Harris solos: mellow, inspired and often humorous. This is a fine Mode recording that reminds one how creatively diverse and interesting this small label's output was.