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VSOP101   V.S.O.P. #101

Jack Sheldon (vocals, trumpet); Howard Roberts (guitar); Joe Mondragon(bass); Stan Levey (drums); Jack Marshall (vocals)**



  • Jack's Blues 6:13 (Jack Sheldon)
  • Bodega Bay 6:10 (Jack Sheldon)
  • WhoCan I Turn To 3:31 (Bricusse, Newley)
  • Creamfinger 6:30 (Sheldon, Marshall, Bricusse, Newley)*
  • Steeplechase 6:06 (Charlie Parker)
  • Historia de Amor 3:24 (traditional)
  • Don Mupo 3:30 (Jack Sheldon)
  • Rodrigo/What Kind of Fool Am I 10:07 (Sheldon, Marshall, Bricusse, Newley)*
  • You Fascinate Me So 6:03 (Cy Coleman)
  • Wait And See 3:06 (Jack Sheldon)
  • The Girl From Ipanema 12:12 (Marshall, Sheldon, Jobim)
  • She's A Woman 7:14 (Lennon, McCartney)





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*"Creamfinger" is a parody created by Jack Sheldon and Jack Marshall basedupon the theme song to the film "Goldfinger". "Rodrigo" is a comedymonologue created by Jack Sheldon and Jack Marshall.

**"The Girl from Ipanema" is a comedy sketch created by Jack Sheldon and JackMarshall based upon the Jobim hit "The Girl From Ipanema". Jack Marshallperforms with Jack Sheldon on the comedy portion of this selection.

Recorded in April, 1965 at Don Mupo's Golden Nugget in Oakland, CA.
Session Producer: George Jerman;
Production Coordinator: Bob Edmondson
Mastering: Joe Sidore;
Producer: V.S.O.P. RECORDS
Liner Notes: Frank Marshall & George Jerman;
Cover and Liner Photos: William Claxton and Stan Levey

On a rainy night in Oakland in April of 1965, Jack Sheldon and his regularband put on a program featuring straight ahead-jazz, vocals and comedy. Themusic is pure Sheldon with a heavy assist from Howard Roberts. On the comedyside, arranger/guitarist Jack Marshall helps co-author most of the skits. Heis even included in the program. It is a wild and crazy night at Don Mupo's,one of many. The comedy is irreverent. The music, great solos on wellcrafted melodies. Jack's humor is at it's peak hear, as are his vocals. Themusic is excellent. Highly recommended, especially to all fans of Jack Sheldon and Howard Roberts.