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F.S.#1004 OSCAR MOORE: PRESENTING OSCAR MOORE featuring Leroy Vinegar

Oscar Moore…………………….……guitar
Leroy Vinegar………………………….bass

1. I CAN'T GET STARTED WITH YOU (Vernon Duke) 2:55
2. THERE'S A SMALL HOTEL (Rodgers, Hart) 2:44
3. ANGEL EYES (Matt Dennis) 2:31
4. TO A WILD ROSE (Edward MacDowell) 3:50
5. IT'S A PITY TO SAY GOODNIGHT (Billy Reid) 4:46
6. TANGERINE (Mercer, Schirtzinger) 3:08
7. SWEET LORAINE (Burwell, Parish) 2:45
8. IF YOU WERE MINE (Merrill) 3:16
9. TABORRA (Oscar Moore) 1:35

Producer: Dave Hubert
Cover Photo: J. Tracy
Recorded in Hollywood, CA

V.S.O.P. RECORDS is pleased to announce the release of F.S.. #1004 CD OSCAR MOORE: PRESENTING OSCAR MOORE featuring Leroy Vinegar. This release is devoted to a fairly rare recording by Oscar Moore, made in 1957, in stereo, and only released on 7.5 ips, 2 track reel to reel tape. By the mid-1950's when this recording was made, Oscar Moore's career was in decline but he still did studio work in Hollywood, from time to time. He had previously spent 10 years with the Nat King Cole trio, at the height of it's popularity. He had also worked with his brother Johnny Moore in Johnny' Moore's Three Blazers with Charles Brown, and had won awards for his instrument in Downbeat, Esquire and Metronome. Some time after this recording, Oscar took up bricklaying as a full time career, and only recorded two or three more times during the remaining 24 years of his life.

Little is known about this recording. It would appear to have remained unreleased other than in its initial reel-to-reel tape edition. This may have been for a good reason. There may have been a problem with the recording itself. It seems that Oscar Moore accompanied himself via overdubbing. Something went wrong! The result was mud! However, with digital enhancement, the sound has been recovered and everything can now be heard. This CD features some very fine Oscar Moore playing, from his rarest period, which no fan of jazz guitar will want to miss!

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